Round Robins

A Round Robin is when a group of stitchers get together and form a circle of stitchers. I joined my first one in December 2011 and there were four of us. We each decided on a design which that would consist of four parts. I stitched my first one and then posted it to the next person and in turn receive one. We set dates six weeks apart for posting. 

This was my 1940's lady which was a design in the magazine World of Cross Stitching.

There were five picture in all and each showed a lady wearing the fashion of a decade starting from the 1940s. For my round robin, I chose 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

I then posted this off to RoseAnn in Indiapolis in July. She stitched the next one and posted to Connie in Ohio, who stitched the 1960s one and sent it on to Lisa in Southend on Sea.

In November Lisa sent back my completed design. At time of writing this, it is away at the framers and when it returns, I shall post a picture.

This is Lisa'sround robin. I could choose any of four flowers to stitch first.

I found it a bit of a challenge stitching onto black fabric, but soon got used to it.

Lisa put in the white grid lines to help us allign the design in the right place. She would take them out at the end.

The four flowers stitched by each of us, had our names and the places we live stitched underneath.


This was Connie's design and came all the way from Ohio. It was an easy and quick stitch, so I really enjoyed doing it.

The picture doesn't  do it justice at all. The colours were very vibrant and pretty standing out on page almost like magic.

Connie stitched the border at the top and the bottom and the middle one and the date at the bottom..

The writing, at the bottom is the name of the stitcher and the place we live.

This Santa belongs to RoseAnn who lives in Indiapolis. She was the only one who did four separate designs. Each of the Santas was a different colour and I was the last one to stitch.

I found this round robin the most complicated and challenging of all and admit to having a bit of a panic in the middle because I was afraid of getting it wrong. I misread the chart for one and the boots should have been grey. I had to contact RoseAnn to tell her I had muddied her boots!

In the end, this one turned out to be my favourite. It just looked so beautiful when completed and again the photograph doesn't do it justice.  RoseAnn said I could keep the chart and I may very well do another one for myself next Christmas.

It was really a great honour to have someone elses precious stitching in my hand and just hold their fabric and threads that they had so lovingly put together. Thank you ladies.

Here are the 1950s and 1960s ladies from my Round Robin.