Love Quilts UK

Love Quilts UK is run by Katherine Polkington who lives in Bourne in Lincolnshire and Gaynor  Thomas who lives in Wales. Approximately 100  stitchers and 15 quilters, make quilts for sick children with life threatening illness all on a voluntary basis.

Once a theme has been decided on, say a sea life theme Gaynor and Katherine will try and source material and open the quilt for 12 volunteers to cross stitch a square each.

When all the squares have been completed, the quilter start their work. It is then put together and delivered to the child completely free of charge.

Love Quilts began in the USA and they decided to stitch for children in the UK too. Their intention was to make up the quilts and ship them over here. One of their stitches, Karen Taylor, lived in the UK volunteered to set it up here. Katherine, who was stitching for Love Quilts Australia at the time, immediately offered her help. For the first two years, she was Love Quilts UKs only quilter. Karen left in 2010 and Gaynor stepped in to help.

Love Quilts UK, is still young and to be a registered charity you have to have a turnover of approximately £5,000 plus. Their turnover is around £2,000 so I asked Gaynor how they make enough money to support their costs.

We are registered with HMRC as a charity for tax purposes, which means there is a special status for those with a smaller turnover. It enable us claim the gift aid. So any donations we get, if they are a tax payer, I ask them to fill in a form. 

 Do you get enough from that? I asked thinking about all the fabric and mailings they have to do as it all costs.

Well, there is private donations from stitchers mainly and money from ink cartridges and stamps help. I  had a used book sale in work a couple of times and money comes from small scale fundraising efforts, Gaynor told me with enthusiasm. Also hopefully we'll be successful in some grant applications too, from various charitable foundations.

The quilts they do are beautiful and the look on the children's faces makes it such a worth while cause.

To see the quilts, please visit their website Love Quilts UK
If you would like to help in anywhere, have a look here .

I have now got my own page here. I hope to fill it with lots of squares throughout the year.