I don't really know what a Biscornu is or where it came from, but in 2011 it seemed to take the cross stitching world by storm. I haven't done one yet, it is on my to do list.

If you would like to try your hand at these, they do seem a bit strange, but I am assured that once you have done one, they become very addictive!

1. Stitch your design(s) you do need two peices in the end, but stitching on both peices is up to you. Your design can be anything you like aslong as it ends up being square once finished.

2. Once you have finished your cross stitching on your design, add a simple backstitch line all the way around your design, either 1-2 squares away from your cross stitch.

3. Cut around your design and leave roughly 1/2 an inch gap between your stitching.

4. Fold around all the backstitch edges.

5. Line up with the middle of one of your squares, to the corner of your 2nd square.

6. Using 2 strands of thread (same colour as your backstitch line) join the corner and the middle of your other square together using a whip stitch.

7. Continue with this until your at your 7th side, add some stuffing then carry on with the 8th side with finally making a small knot.

8. Buttons are usually added, although this is your choice. Take two buttons, one for the front and one for the back. Using 2 strands, stitch the buttons on in the middle of your biscornu, keeping it as tight as you can.

9. Admire your lovely biscornu and be proud of it ;)

Thank you to Lorraine Grimshaw for writing these instructions and allowing me to use her photographs