2015 - Stitching Projects


The Stitch-a-Long for this month

I've been able to pick up my Christmas Cross Stitch again and hopefully get it finished by Christmas.


I was pleased to get this back from the framers and left it packed to present to the bride, Sarah on the same day. I didn't say, but it was supposed to be a surprise, but I suspected she knew she was getting it. I had tried to be careful where I posted, but I did post it. Still, she seemed pleased with it.

The stitch-alongs are finally up to date again.


I've spent the last few months stitching the two samplers below, and I'm so looking forward to stitching for Cosy Quilts again, they are a charity that make quilts for children. They are made up of themed cross stitch squares. I really enjoyed stitching for them earlier in the year and if you scroll down, you may see some of them. I still like Love Quilts too, a similar charity and if you are a regular of this blog, you'll have seen some of the squares here. They have a fabulous website, so be sure to visit it.

I also have two WIPs, (works in progress) which I would like to get finished. One is the Christmas sampler I am doing for my daughter. As that has a deadline, although not for six months yet, I'll tackle that one next. I've also got the girl on the chair, which I am doing for myself, so I'll do that one next. You can see those by scrolling down, but I will post photos next month.

I haven't done my July's Stitch-a-long, so I have to catch up on that one and I also discovered that last year I took part in World Cross Stitch Day. We could choose a theme, I think, and I chose something that summed up my year. Well 2014 what when I was a replacement knee and my best friend was a crutch! So I stitched that. This year I have had my first novel out and have also spent a lot of time reading. 2015 has very much been the year of the book and that's what I shall stitch for this year as it doesn't matter that the date was August 12th, but I'll try and get it right next year though!

I missed the deadline for this wedding sampler. I knew I wasn't going to finish it on time and as it wasn't expected, it occurred to me not to stitch it at all. Then I realised that it didn't really matter if they received it late. At this moment it is away with the framers. I decided that I would get it framed rather than do it myself.  I have stitched this particular one 7 times now and I have a feeling it won't be the last, although there are no more weddings that I know of yet, but there is still time!

I received a beautiful card by way of thanks for the recipient of this baby sampler. I framed it myself and its the first time I had done so. I weaved the back of it to stretch the stitching so that it lay flat. 

This J coaster was an order, I received and it took me only an evening to stitch. It probably took as long to get in evenly into the coaster. I charge £5 for these.


I've been working on a surprise project for the last couple of months, so haven't been able to do any other stitching. This mean that my two works in progress (WIPs) are still very much that ,and sat in the drawer.

The only other one I have done is the stitch-a-long for June.

 Next month I shall be starting a wedding sampler, so my WIPs will still be in the drawer!


A good stitching month this time. I took part in another exchange and this time it was an inchy on a bookmark. An inchy is a tiny stitch on 14 square x 14 squares, which is roughly an inch.

This is the one I received and the one underneath is the one that I sent.

Last year I took part in a ill fated Robin. Everyone except me got their stitching back. A very kind person said that she would stitch mine for me so that I did lose out. You can read the story here.

In last month's exchange, I was sent a Home Sweet Home kit as an extra gift. As my daughter had just moved into a new house, I stitched it for her. I'm going to mount it on some foam board and with a ribbon to hang. She also asked me to make a cushion from her favourite outfit that her son had outgrown. Neither which she has seen yet, so I hope she doesn't see this and I can keep it a secret a little longer.

The stitch-a-long for May, I haven't decided what I'm going to do with these yet. As I was stitching this, I couldn't work out what the red and black thing was at the bottom right. It was only when I took the photo, I realised it was a ladybird!

WIP - I have done nothing on my Girl on a Chair and My Christmas stitch this month as I've been working on a Baby Sampler, which has to be finished by the end of next month.


I took part in a pin cushion exchange this month.

This is the one that I received.

And this is the one that I stitched.

My Stitch-a-long for April

I began stitching this from a Cross Stitcher magazine I received at Christmas. I adored it and decided to stitch it for myself.

My Christmas stitch has come on a little since last month, but probably won't get much attention next month.

I've also started stitching a sampler, which has come out of the blue and I want to get finished this month, so the girl on the chair will not get much further next month, either. Still, I will have something really pretty to show.


A better month of stitching for me.

March Stitch-a-long

Wine labels which you can attach to a bottle. Although I am not sure what to do with them yet. Either give them as a gift or sell them.

A lighthouse for Cosy Quilts and the theme was Life on the Ocean Waves.

My WIP (work in progress)


I've slowed right down this month because I had two WIPs and one of them is Love Quilts and had to be finished by the end of March. 

This one was a very difficult stitch and it took a long time and a lot of patience. Even though it does look good. I didn't get pleasure from stitching it.



This is still my work in progress and I haven't done anything to it since January. Now that I have finished the lion, I can pick it up again. So hopefully come the end of March, you will see a big difference.


It's been a very productive month for stitching:

I've set up a small business on fiverr.com providing London coasters for $5. I had my first buyer this month and this is what I stitched.


I've joined another one for this year and was very late in starting it, so I caught up by doing February's one as well.

Cosy Quilts is a new Facebook group I joined, which also stitches for charity and make patchwork quilts for various projects in Africa and the UK. We desperately need people to join who can quilt. You don't have to be experienced as there is lots of help if you want to start something new.

This little fella came first:

Closely followed by these followed by theses:

I have two WIPs - works in progress.

This Christmas stitch is for my daughter, Debbie. I have all year to complete this one, but it is a nice thing to stitch.

This one is a Love Quilts square, and it's just the opposite, very difficult to stitch. I haven't picked it up all month, but it does have to be completed by the end of March.