2014 - A Year in Stitches

It's been a good year for cross stitching and I have stitched for Love Quilts UK for three years now. I started in 2012 and completed 6 in 2013 I did 12 and this year have done 6 squares and you can see them all here. 

I also took part in a round robin, which went horribly wrong due to one person who just gathered everyone's work and stopped stitching. She said she posted mine on to the next person, who didn't receive it and my stitching was lost. You can read the full story here.

Overall, though, I have enjoyed my stitching year and look forward to 2015 and all that it will bring


Another Love Quilts square for a theme of rabbits. The border took a long time to do, but I'm pleased with the way it looks.

This will be a lion for a love quilt. You can just see his nose and whiskers emerging. I have until the end of March to complete it. It will look good but it is not an enjoyable stitch and I find I can't stitch at it for too long due to all the colour changes.  I'll post an update next month.


My son married in December and I stitched them this sampler. When I got it back from the framers, my husband noticed on the day before I was giving it to them that December and an extra 'e' in it. So I showed it to them and while they were on their honeymoon, I had to dismantle it and unpick it, then restitch it. I don't think I did a bad job because you can't tell, can you.

I was being lazy and decided to buy some pre-stitched Christmas card from eBay. After I had clicked 'pay now', I realised it was a kit. However, I  really enjoyed stitching them in the end and even found got some more cards and stitched a few more.


Another LoveQuilts project

I had a request for this to be stitched from my London alphabet


No stitching in August and I did this one for Love Quilts UK


Made this car for  Daniel D's quilt on LoveQuilts UK

I completed the stitch a long early as it was supposed to be once a month, but I just kept stitching.

Stitched for Elliot C with love for his quilt made by volunteers at Love Quilts UK

I bought this off eBay a while ago and thought it time that I stitched it. It is called Poohsticks.


For my friend's son marriage.


Stitch-a-long A Year in Stitches. There is a group of us on Facebook, all stitching this and doing one a month. 

This month's Round Robin - all details are here

Pooh sticks is coming along



                                                             A Manchester United coaster.                       

I am doing a Round Robin, which started at the end of May. For updates and more information on what a Round Robin is, please see my web page.

(Update - Sadly this was lost in the post and I never saw it again)

Stitched for a charity quilt


A Year in Stitches - Stitch-a-long

Made this for Danielle for her quilt with a theme butterflies.


All 26 letters of the alphabet stitched this month.


                                        Stitch - a - long                   Bought this from Ebay and started it this
                                         A Year in Stitches              month.

Stitched for Lewis and is part of a quilt made by Love Quilts

Stitched for a charity quilt.

Stitched for a charity quilt

Stitched for a charity quilt


               This is part of a stitch-a-along that I am doing                I picked up this kit on Ebay last
                                                                                                        year, and just getting round to
                                                                                                        stitching it. Not sure what I will do
                                                                                                        with it yet.

Made for an 'Anything Pink' Charity quilt